Why do you need underlayment, profiles and proper drains for a nicer tile installation?

Tile Installation with Holten Impex Architecture Tile Toronto Ontario Canada

For a tile installation to last a long time, you not seulement need a good tile and a good installer. But also, products that pay attention to details. Some of the Products are not seen but do their part and ensure a successful tile installation. I am not talking about adhesives and grouts, but trims, profiles, movement joints etc.

Why are they so important for a successful and a long-lasting tile installation?

To answer these question s, let’s talk to an expert in the field of trims, profiles and other accessories. She has been in the field of profiles for over 11 years, keeping abreast with innovations and has been educating architects, designers, engineers and industry professionals. An active member with Construction specification Canada and TTMAC.

Table of Contents:

  1. Can you briefly introduce Schluter systems to my audience?
  2. What is Ditra and how is it used in tile installation?
  3. What’s the difference between crack isolation membrane and uncoupling membrane?
  4. Does TTMAC or TCNA recommend these products? If so, when should we use them?
  5. Are profiles, end-caps, transitions and edge protections required for tile installation?
  6. Can you tell us more about linear drains and point drains?
  7. How does one get their floor heated?
  8. Which tile installation tips would you recommend we follow?

Listen to the podcast below or on PodBean.

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