Coupeur Masterpiuma Evo3 et pièces

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The new line of machines Power 5 tile cutters is based on the fundamental advantage of “All in One” (always ready for action!) and includes the distinctive characteristics that have made the “Masterpiuma” the worldwide leader in the field of professional tile cutters. Everything has been redesigned to tackle the most recent and innovative ceramic materials (including new formats of increasingly tough porcelain but also extremely delicate vitrified tiles) with a view to giving an overall improved performance!


  • 🇮🇹 Produit d’Italie
  • 01 Whats in the Qu’y a-t-il dans la boite : 1x coupeur
  • 02 Material Grès porcelaine, céramique ou verre
  • Tile Thickness De l’épaisseur du carrelage :≤3/4″

Art. 90° 45° KG
63P5 24.5" 17x17" 24.2
75P5 29" 21x21" 30.8
93P5 36" 26x26" 33.0
131P5 51.5" 36.5x36.5" 55.0
161P5 63.5" 44.5x44.5" 63.9

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