Bottega d’Arte is a high-end collection of tiles made from clays sourced locally in Italy. Inspired by the age-old traditions of hand-crafted clay tiles, Bottega D’Arte reimagines traditional 6”x6” wall tile with 6 new designer shades in an Lustrato finish. The Lustrato finish creates a rich, pearly iridescence to the surface illuminating the material and lending vibrancy to its colours and tones.


  • 🇮🇹  Italian Tile
  • Finishing  Finishing: Lustrato
  • Wall Floor tile  Application: Wall
  • Tile Size  Nominal Sizes (in): 6×6

  • Tech Specs 
  •   Colour Variation: --
  •   Number of Faces: --
  •   Slip Resistance: --
  •   Abrasion Wear: --
  •   Breaking Strength: ≥15N/mm²
  •   Water Absorption: ≥10%
  •   Mohs Scale: --


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