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Tile Installation with Holten Impex Architecture Tile Toronto Ontario Canada

An episode dedicated to behind the scenes in installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Let’s say you have come across a very nice-looking tile for your home in your favourite dealer’s store. If you are a commercial rep or a product rep, let’s say you are in Bologna, Italy at the famous Cersaie show. The Mecca for tiles and the largest tile show. With more than 900 exhibitors from almost 35 countries, Cersaie in Bologna is one of the most important trade fairs in the World. Held across 21 large halls, this is a must see show at least once if you are in the business of ceramics.  Let’s say that you come across a very novel and an appealing tile. You are convinced that is suitable for commercial application. You come back with samples and catalogues and present it to the architect/designer. They just love it and want to propose it in the current project they are working. They are wanting installation information so that they can avoid any surprises and failure. Does the product need a crack isolation membrane, what type of mortar and grout they need to use, what is the surface tolerance, joint width, do they need to worried about expansion joints. etc. etc. questions, questions and more questions.. This can be overwhelming and confusing.

To provide an answer to a right installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles, lets talk to an installation expert who once was an installer himself, but now is on the technical committee of TTMAC while working full time as Senior Manager of Marketing and Technical Services of North America with Kiesel – a leading manufacturer of setting cements and grouts. Let me welcome Derek Januszewski to the show. He will address the following questions:

  1. Before we discuss on installation of ceramics, can you tell us about a bit more on TTMAC?
  2. To install ceramic and porcelain tiles on walls and floors can you detail what materials we need?
  3. Can you briefly talk about various types of substrates.
  4. Large format tiles are very popular now. Tell us about installation of large format tiles?
  5. Please explain the difference between crack isolation membrane and anti-fracture membrane? Where are they used?
  6. Expansion joints, control joints, construction joints and perimeter joints? What are they and why are they important?
  7. Tile levelling systems. Where are they used and is it recommended in commercial applications?
  8. Tell us about grouts, their types and recommended joint widths.
  9. Can you tell us briefly why some installations fail and how to avoid them?

Listen to the Podcast below or on PodBean.

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