Ceramics – A specifier’s Perspective

Tile Installation with Holten Impex Architecture Tile Toronto Ontario Canada

Specifications are an integral part of the project document in commercial projects. It’s important that the products specified offer clarity in terms of their technical characteristics and performance. This episode tries to unravel the perspectives of a specification writer on use of ceramics and porcelain tiles in a commercial project.

Today we will talk to a specification writer and get his thoughts on specifying ceramic and porcelain tiles in commercial projects.  To ensure the owners’ requirements are met, the design team develops a complete and co-ordinated set of construction documents that clearly communicates the requirements of the project to the builders. 

The construction documents are both graphic and written. The drawings take care of the graphic part. The written documents are found in the project manual. The technical specification document is an integral part of the project manual. It is an instruction from the owner about a work activity that is required to produce a specific and required work result. Statements prescribing materials and methods and quality of work are part of this document. The details that an architectural or product reps provide is very vital for the products to be specified properly in Division-9 of the Master format specification document.

We will talk to a seasoned registered specification writer or RSW who has been specifying products in health care and other large commercial projects. We will get his insights on the key information that is required for specifying ceramic and porcelain tiles. Having worked with prestigious firms like Parkin Architects, WZMH and Dialog, he has worked on large health care and commercial projects. He now teaches at Sheridan College and continues to offer specification services through his firm JFM Services. Let me welcome Just Fanou to the show.

Just will walk us through the various criteria one considers as they specify ceramic and porcelain tiles in a commercial project:

  1. Given that you specify hundreds of products in a project, what are some of the key technical information that you look for, while specifying ceramic or porcelain tiles? 
  2. Do you specify any sustainability criteria as well in this part of the specification?
  3. What about products having antimicrobial properties?
  4. When you detail installation information? What standards or recommendations do you refer in the specification document?
  5. What do you detail in the installation information for small and large format tiles?
  6. What information would you require from a tile supplier? 
  7. What goes in the warranty and maintenance information?
  8. Any other information that you would like to share with A&D reps?

Listen to the Podcast below or on PodBean.

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